The 20th International Conference on
Principles and Practice of
Constraint Programming
Lyon, France
8-12 September 2014

10th WCB Programme

10th WCB programme

Invited Talk & Welcome

chair: Nicos Angelopoulos

9.00-10.00 Graham Kemp Invited talk: Protein modelling using conformational information from known protein structures and constraints from NMR experiments
Chalmers University, Sweden slides

Contributed Talks

chair: Simon de Givry

10.30-10.55 Sebastian Will and Peter F. Stadler A Common Framework for Linear and Cyclic Multiple Sequence Alignment.
Univ. Leipzig, Germany. slides
journal version
10.55-11.20 Nicolas Briot, Annie Chateau, Remi Coletta, An Integer Linear Programming Approach for Genome Scaffolding.
Simon de Givry, Philippe Leleux and Thomas Schiex slides
LIRMM Montpellier / INRA Toulouse, France.
11.20-11.45 Hugo Bazille and Nicolas Jacques Computational Protein Design: trying an Answer Set Programming approach to solve the problem.
INRIA Rennes, France.
11.45-12.10 F. Campeotto, A. Dal Palu, A. Dovier, Experimenting with FIASCO for protein structure prediction.
F. Fioretto and E. Pontelli. slides
Univ. degli Studi di Udine, Italy
New Mexico State University, USA
University of Parma, Italy
12.10-12.30 Nicos Angelopoulos and George Giamas Prolog bioinformatic pipelines: a case study in gene dysregulation.
Imperial College London, UK slides