The 20th International Conference on
Principles and Practice of
Constraint Programming
Lyon, France
8-12 September 2014

10th Workshop on Constraint-Based Methods for Bioinformatics

10th Workshop on Constraint-Based Methods for Bioinformatics

Held in conjunction with the 20th International Conference on
Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming, CP'14

Lyon, France, 8th September 2014

Programme is now available on-line.


During the last years, Biology has become a source of challenging
problems for the entire field of Computer Science in general, and for
the areas of computational logic and constraint programming in
particular. Successful approaches to these problems are likely to have
significant applications in several fields of research, such as
medicine, agriculture, industry, etc. Several successful applications
of the Logic and Constraint Programming paradigms in Bioinformatics
have been carried out in the last years, in the area of phylogenetic
tree reconstruction, in haplotype inference, in proteins structure
prediction, in RNA secondary structure prediction, and in system
biology, just to cite a few. The workshop aims at exchanging ideas
between researchers and collecting, if possible, new problems to be
faced in the next future by our community.

Paper submissions

The topic of interest are all those concerning bioinformatics and
constraints and related (SAT/ASP/Logic Programming/ILP) techniques,
such as:
- RNA prediction and motif search
- protein structure and functional prediction
- genetic linkage analysis and haplotype inference
- pedigree reconstruction and diagnosis
- genomic selection design
- gene regulatory network inference and analysis
- biochemical network simulation and visualization
- solvers for problems in biology
- metabolic pathway analysis
- DNA sequence assembly
- contig scaffolding
- multiple sequence alignment
- machine learning and big data
- ontologies
- constraint databases
- logical interfaces to relational databases
- web services
- databases integration and federation
- RDF graphs and tools

Submitted papers can be:
- Full papers describing new research results
- Extended Abstracts concerning original (unpublished) results.
- Abstracts describing ongoing work.
- System descriptions (with demos at the workshop).
- Summaries of already accepted or recently published papers/results.
- Well-motivated proposals of bioinformatics problems for constraint
based methods.

2014/6/30 - deadline for submissions
2014/7/9 - notification (for CP Early Registration)
2014/7/28 - complete reviews
2014/8/18 - camera ready version
2014/9/8 - workshop

Submitted papers should be 3-15 pages long in the LNCS format.

Submissions site: easychair.

Call for papers: txt, pdf.

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