2013 ACP Survey Results

After CP 2013, a survey was sent out to: the ACP membership, the Yahoo mailing list, and the CP 2013 attendees.
We obtained a total of 102 responses. A summary of the responses automatically generated by the survey software can be downloaded below.

Highlights of the survey results follow:

  • The Applications Track has good interest: 37 out of 74 respondents who attended CP 2013 gave it as a reason for attending, and 41 liked it, with just a few against.

  • The Workshops serve to complement the main conference: 33 out of 74 respondents who attended CP 2013 were co-authors or presenters of workshop papers, and 25 liked the workshops.

  • General-purpose activities are appreciated: 25 out of 74 respondents who attended CP 2013 gave an overview of the field as a reason for attending, 26 liked the tutorials, 29 liked the new concept of a public lecture (which was also misunderstood by some), 25 liked the new competition, and the new idea of a live blogger was also appreciated.

  • On the scope of the conference: 49 of 98 respondents prefer the scope being unchanged, but 42 prefer a widening of scope. Underrepresented topics include above all real-world applications and comparisons, but also (in alphabetic order) big data, cross-disciplinary research, databases, data mining, graphics, hybrid techniques, knowledge representation, local search, machine learning, and verification.

  • The low registration fee at CP 2013 (thanks to record-breaking sponsorship) was not a big factor for attracting registrations to CP 2013 (only 5 of 74 respondents selected it as a reason), and this needs to be examined in more depth.

  • Other responses about the CP conference and ACP activities:

    • lower/zero competitiveness of CP conference papers (32 of 102 respondents);

    • low/zero-cost open-access proceedings at CP conferences (64 of 102 respondents);

    • more collocation of CP conferences with other events (88 of 102 respondents);

    • explicit but low membership fee, deducted when registering to a CP conference, for transparent usage by the ACP (55 of 96 respondents);

    • lower funding of Doctoral Programme at CP conferences (64 of 88 respondents);

    • summer schools: 2 respondents raised doubt about the utility of summer schools.

These issues will be debated by the EC and the Strategic Committee, with motions possibly being put forward at the General Assembly at CP 2014.

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