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My previous email had a few mistakes (apologies!). In addition, Guido pointed out that not being able to vote if one is not a member by July 20th might catch people currently on holidays by surprise, and we decided to delay it until the 25th of August. So here is the corrected and updated email. Please discard the previous one!

Dear ACP member,

This year, the ACP is looking for four new members for its Executive Committee. We have five wonderful candidates, who present their election statements at the following web page https://www.a4cp.org/node/1324

The vote will take place from July 20th until September the 1st, 2020, 11:59 pm UTC-12. The results will be announced shortly after that deadline.

We will again use the heliosvoting.org online voting system for the election. You will receive a separate email with login details for the voting site. This email will be sent from the address system@heliosvoting.org, so please check your spam folder if you haven't received the email by the 22nd of July! (or soon after you become a member).

Voting is private and verifiable (have a look at the details at heliosvoting.org). You can vote for between zero and five candidates. We use simple approval voting, the four candidates with the most number of votes will become members of the EC.

As indicated in a previous message, the vote to elect the four new members will be done at the same time as the vote to determine the CP publisher. So the same login details will be used for both. That is, once you login you will be asked to vote on the five candidates and, afterwards, to vote on the publisher.

Please take your time to read the election statements, and make sure you cast your vote! It's important for the candidates to know that they have the support of the CP community.

Also, please check that everyone in your group who is an ACP member has received the current email. If not, it is quite possible their membership has expired and they will not be able to vote (they must be an ACP member by the 25th of August 2020). Please ask them to renew their ACP membership asap by going to https://www.a4cp.org/user/login and entering their login details. If they cannot remember their password, they can use the 'Request new password' button that appears above the login screen. Once logged in, they can renew their membership by simply clicking the 'Renew Membership' link that appears on the top left of the page, under 'USER ACCOUNT'.

Best regards,

The ACP EC election committee
(Charlotte Truchet, Maria Garcia de la Banda and Guido Tack)

PS. All the mistakes in this and the previous message are mine (Maria's). Apologies!

This message was sent on behalf of the Association for Constraint Programming. If you do not wish to receive further messages, please cancel your account at http://www.a4cp.org or send an email to webmaster@a4cp.org.