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Dear CP community,

During CP 2019, the ACP general assembly held a discussion regarding whether the CP community should leave Springer, its historic editor, for an open science model. Two main proposals were presented with the summary of the proposals and associated discussion available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GHrtB7V2A8rFuKxwOVDac7FNNJodPJk2Pk5c8HVStIQ/edit?usp=sharing

After considerable discussion, the ACP wants to provide members with a choice where the alternatives (and their consequences) are as clear as possible. To achieve this, we have decided to first vote on the easier decision: changing the publisher for the CP proceedings. Then, depending on the community's desire for change, as measured by the vote, we will tackle the more difficult one: changing the publisher for the Constraints journal.

Thus, a vote will be held from the 15th of July until Tuesday the 1st of September 2020 AoE for all ACP members to answer the following question:

Information regarding the remain/change options can be found at the end of the mail. The result of the vote will be binding if (a) it wins by a simple majority, and (b) at least 50% of those who are ACP members at the moment the vote is closed. If the vote is not binding, the ACP-EC will decide.

We will use the heliosvoting.org online voting system and the vote will be performed together with the vote for electing the 4 new ACP EC members. To do so, each ACP member will receive a separate email from the address system@heliosvoting.org with the login details by the 20th of July. Each member can then use this login to vote for their preferred EC members, and to vote for their preferred publisher.

Important: please check your spam folder if you haven't received the email from the helios voting system before the 20th of July. Note that only ACP members can vote. If you have not received the email it might be because you are not a member, or because your membership has lapsed. To become a member, simply go to https://www.a4cp.org/user/register.To check if your ACP membership is still current, go to https://www.a4cp.org/user/login and enter your login details. If you cannot remember your password, use the Request new password link above the login screen. Once you are logged in, you will see when your membership expires. You can renew with a simple click of a button.


Maria Garcia de la Banda

President of the ACP

CP Proceedings




Open access for a paper

Yes: directly from the proceedings webpage and also allowed to put it in any website one might want to (as it has a Creative Commons CC BY license).

Yes but not as easy: Authors can self-archive an author-created version of their paper on their own website and/or the repository of their department or faculty. Cannot be the same as the camera ready.

Open access for the proceedings

Yes: directly from Lipics.

Not for free. We can only do this by getting so-called “gold open access” which costs 30 euros per page

Low cost to access papers by institutions

Yes: it is free.

No. Institutions purchase whole e-packages rather than individual proceedings.

Low cost for the ACP

60 euros per paper.

Free for USB + online. For printed: 600-699 pages (~40 full papers) and 100-199 copies, the price is 36 euros per book plus VAT and shipping. So, similar to 60.

Low effort to achieve



Low effort to maintain



High reputation

Web of Science told us the publisher plays no role in the evaluation or selection of proceedings.

No editing errors

Yes, as there seems to be no post final version editing.

No. Less errors now, but still an issue

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