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News: the deadline has been extended to July 12th, AoE.

Dear members of the ACP,

We seek nominations for candidates for election to the Executive Committee (EC) of the ACP. A candidate must be an ACP member and be nominated by a member of the ACP. Nominated persons must agree to be a candidate and must write an election statement that will be posted on the ACP election site.

Please send your nominations and election statements to the Secretary of the ACP (secretary@a4cp.org) by July 12,2020, AoE.

We recall that the Executive Committee of the ACP decides the venue of the annual CP international conference, as well as its programme and conference chairs. It also organises and supports other activities such as the CP doctoral programme, the ACP summer school, the ACP newsletter, web sites, etc. Finally, it retains the surplus from CP conferences and re-invests it in other activities of the CP research community.

Bylaw 5 of the ACP Bylaws (see www.a4cp.org) states the election procedure and rules. The term of EC members is 4 years, and three current EC members will end their term by the end of 2020: Maria Garcia de la Banda, Laurent Michel, Claude-Guy Quimper and Charlotte Truchet. Therefore, we shall run an election for four members to a four-year term. Elections will take place electronically in August, 2020. The results will be communicated to the ACP members before CP 2020. The Election Committee consists of Charlotte Truchet, Claude-Guy Quimper, and Maria Garcia de la Banda (Chair).

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